Design affects human. It changes the view of life and the self-image. According to the opinion specialists, a good design with the lifestyle

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About Us

We have a wide range of services from construction and promotion of residential flats, property development of land and building development, construction of residential & commercial buildings on a contract basis. Our strength is our diversity of work and Customer-Centric concept; we take every detail that the customer wants in their dream home and ensure they are all achieved. We consistently strive for customer delight by being responsive at every stage of construction. We inculcate trust through honesty and transparency in intentions and actions, and we also promise the best and neat workmanship you had always dreamed of in your big home.

Blending unique talent with the current trends, Shree Ramajayam Constructions Private Limited invites you to discover a sophisticated skyline fashioned with the spirit of freedom and functionality. We have kept up with the trends in the building arena and have infused a strong foundation of character with the latest technology and aesthetics into our structures. Our module was structured in 2005 and has maintained its accolade of being one of the most reputed and trusted construction firms in Chennai. With commitment and dedication as the forerunners of our business, we place our clients as a top priority by concentrating on minor and major wants of the clients. We have been known as one of the largest and most professionally managed construction companies in Chennai for the past 16 years. With superior construction services, quality and stringent care, we have gone beyond the call of duty to present on-time deliveries with a customized outlook.


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Our dedication extends beyond our company's rules.

  • Quality, on-time completion, and safe construction for our customers.
  • Responding to and acting on the needs of clients as quickly as possible.
  • Construction technology is always being improved.

Having gained our clients' trust, we take pleasure in balancing honesty and quality while providing excellence to our clients around the city. Our clients have acknowledged our approach to ethical behavior and compliance with local laws and regulations.

We have leveraged its status in the field of building with a precision that demonstrates competence, efficacy, and quality by deploying the essence of detail and the elements of rapport and sophistication.

Our team

Thanks to every unique professional whose professionalism embodies a code of ethics in our committed and farsighted management team. We reasonably believe in sustaining our position in providing affordable and quality homes that make you feel at home each time you step in and brings in peace and positivity. Each professional's only aim is to satisfy our customers in each step of progress and make sure it's a 100% yes when we send options for approvals.